Rose Gold Detangler Brush
Our aesthetically pleasing Rose Gold Hair Detangler is a gleaming brush that can also be used as a mirror. These durable plastic bristles are designed to go over any extensions including, bonds, clips, tapes. Weight: 85g
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Millionhair Rejuvenate Conditioner
Our special formulated Hair Extensions Conditioner is designed to maximise the life of your hair extensions & natural hair. Apply on the mid lengths & ends. Unbelievably rich and incredibly moisturising with long lasting effects. Apply from root to tip,...
£9.99 £6.99
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Millionhair Rejuvenate Shampoo
Our special formulated Extensions Shampoo is designed to maximise the life of your extensions. For Keratin Bonds, Tape, Nano & Micro Extensions.Gorgeously rich and extremely moisturising. After wetting the hair, apply a small amount of shampoo. Gently lather, allowing the...
£10.99 £7.99
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Millionhair Metal Pin Tail Comb
We have created our own Pin Tail Comb similar to Matador created using Ebonite plastic making it durable & sturdy. These Pin Tail Combs will serve you for a prolonged time. Weight: 7g
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Gold Sectioning Clips
Our uniformed Gold Sectioning Clips are an opulent metallic which look divine when sectioning the hair. They are sturdy option which can hold masses of hair. They offer neat and tidy sectioning. Perfect for sectioning when applying extensions or general...
from £2.99
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